Enabling Growth

Educator Impact provides quality teacher and leadership feedback to hundreds of schools and thousands of educators. Our team, which includes experienced educators, is passionate about improving student outcomes and the quality of education around the world by helping teachers and leaders develop their practice and achieve their full potential.

We empower you to grow professionally in an environment that is safe, simple and supportive. Our approach is focused on behaviour change through formative feedback and iterative development. We provide an online platform for collecting feedback, setting goals, and planning and tracking development activities.

Our reach so far …

Student Surveys
Self Reflections

Meet the EI Team

  • Ken Wallace
    Ken Wallace CEO
  • Martin Beard
    Martin Beard Customer Success Manager
  • Natalie Djurovic
    Natalie Djurovic Head of Marketing
  • James Borjeson
    James Borjeson Customer Success Coordinator
  • Margaret Blake
    Margaret Blake Business Development
  • Luc Small
    Luc Small Software Engineer
  • Cécile Palant
    Cécile Palant Software Engineer
  • Joe Thurbon
    Joe Thurbon Chief Technology Officer
  • Leanne Martin
    Leanne Martin Marketing Coordinator
  • Nabil Shaheen
    Nabil Shaheen Customer Success Consultant
  • Anna Ldil
    Anna Ldil Customer Success Manager

Our team’s values

We work in a collaborative environment that gives us autonomy to explore new ideas and create outstanding work.

We value collaboration and continual learning

We commit to continual improvement

We act with integrity and humility

We value the simple over the complex

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