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For leaders striving to improve student outcomes and school improvement, Educator Impact is an online 360 feedback platform that improves teacher and leader effectiveness.

Guiding principles

  • The nature of leadership must be
    recognised in the questions
  • The techniques of leadership must
    be demystified by the answers
  • Feedback must be formative and
    happen in a safe, supported and simple way

Our Foundation

The leadership framework drives our guiding principles  to answer the most important questions a leader must anticipate:

  • Where are we going?
  • Why will we follow?
  • How will we get there?

Leadership Competencies and Circumplex


The EI circumplex represents nine competencies of leadership. It creates a space for detailed discussion about things you can do better, differently, more or less, to improve the quality of your leadership skills.

The circumplex presents the aggregated data from one or more cohorts from whom you have collected feedback. The competency segments are grouped using the foundation questions of leadership; “Where are we going?”, “Why will we follow?”, and “How will we get there?”.

Bringing your insight to life

The Educator Impact Feedback Summary for leaders is designed to help you gain maximum insight and value from the data collected during the 360-degree feedback process. It presents the feedback collected by you, your supervisors and your co-workers in a variety of metrics allowing you to gain both a general view and a more comprehensive understanding of your feedback.

Educator Impact Improving Teaching Practice with feedback

Grow in the EI Portal

The Educator Impact portal gives you the opportunity to record actions and progress towards your goals, and allows you to share that progress with your colleagues and school community.

The portal has a growing library of curated resources for each competency which are recommended by fellow educators and drive improvement for your practice in your chosen competency.

Be one of the first to have your insights, actions and growth in one place.

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Used by over 300 schools

Over 300 Australian and New Zealand schools agree that Educator Impact supports educators.

“The Smart Goal Setting workshop was the highlight of the process as the feedback summaries resultant from the Student, Observer and Self-reflection process provided a springboard for robust, collaborative and inspiring dialogue related to opportunities for improving and enhancing teaching practice.”

Sue Daly – Chief of Staff, All Saints Anglican School

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