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Is EI mapped to the Australian Professional Teaching Standards?

Yes. The EI for Teachers framework addresses 3.6, 6.1, 6.2 and 6.3 of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.

Does my whole school have to start together?

No. Educator Impact works with your school on the best implementation and onboarding program.

How long is a subscription?

A subscription with Educator Impact is 12 months. The start date of the subscription is normally the beginning of the term in which you are doing Educator Impact. The end date is 12 months from that date.

Who do participating leaders collect feedback from?


Supervisor – the person or people to whom the participant reports to

Peers – other leaders who have a similar leadership role to the participant

Direct reports –  staff who directly report to the participant (note: these questions are omitted from the surveys if the participant is an “aspiring” leader

Other staff – other people whose feedback the participating leader would value, but who are not their supervisor, peer or direct report.

Are the survey responses anonymous?

All survey responses in EI for Leaders are anonymous. Respondents to the Supervisor, Peer, Direct Reports and Other Staff surveys are asked to provide their name on the first page of the survey but this is only to assist Educator Impact to identify responses in the event of any technical issues. The leader’s Feedback Summary includes comments labelled by cohort name only, for example “Feedback from Peers”.

Can I start using Educator Impact anytime?

Your school can start using Educator Impact anytime during the school year. Our Customer Success Team works with on your onboarding and implementation.

Can we get reports segmented by department?

Absolutely. We can aggregate the data in whatever way you wish, by year level, by campus, etc. Our customer success team can help you make the right decisions.

Who do participating teachers collect feedback from?

Self Assessment


Observer(s) – This could be your peers or supervisor. You have multiple observers.

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