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Educator Impact is an evidence-based professional development platform that uses feedback and goal setting to help teachers, leaders, and school support staff improve.

Educator Impact Improving Teaching Practice with feedback

360° Feedback + Goals + Plan = Success

  • 360 Reflect

    Collect 360-degree feedback and reflect with easy to read summaries.

  • Setting goals

    Set, review and share evidence-based development goals

  • Grow

    Create PD plans with our community-curated library of resources

  • Focus

    Measure your progress against your goal, and gain deeper insights

  • Repeat

    Keep building on your development and practice

What makes EI unique?

  • Built from the ground up harnessing evidence-based research and behaviour change principles.
  • By creating a place that helps staff take responsibility for their own growth
  • By providing a safe platform to help you support your staff on their journey, removing fears and concerns.

School-Wide Impact

Educator impact is able to support a school-wide approach.

For Principals

  • Open up the classroom
  • Increase collaboration
  • Establish a culture of feedback
  • Increase accountability on PD plans
  • Identify school wide trends
  • Deliver great PD that is low effort & high impact

For Leaders

  • Identify the areas you need to focus your development on
  • Help establish a culture of continual improvement
  • Set goals and collaborate with peers
  • Lead by example

For Teachers

  • Get feedback and collaborate with peers
  • Get insights from beautiful reports and graphs
  • Set evidenced based S.M.A.R.T goals
  • Plan and track activities towards meeting your goals
  • Evaluate and celebrate success

For Heads of Teaching & Learning

  • Deliver a school wide approach to PD
  • Establish collaboration in PD between staff
  • Deliver a high impact solution that is time efficient
  • Value for time and money

For School Support Staff

  • Improve service in a way that aligns with school values
  • Get insight into the ways you and your team can improve
  • Help establish a culture of continual improvement

For Students

  • Make your voice heard
  • Help your teacher improve their practice
  • Create a culture of improvement
  • Learn that feedback is powerful

Our reach so far …

Student Surveys
Self Reflections

Case Study,
driving teacher effectiveness.

Educator Impact is an evidence-based professional development platform supporting hundreds of schools across Australia and New Zealand. Learn more about how this NSW high school improved by 13.6%.


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Evidence shows that feedback improves practice

“Systems of teacher feedback that are directly linked to improved student performance can increase teacher effectiveness by as much as 30%.”

-Grattan institute

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