Educator Impact helps you to take your school from good to great!

Help your teachers, leaders, and support staff in your school develop their skills and improve their effectiveness as educators.

When it comes to student outcomes, the biggest in-school influences are the quality of teaching and leadership.

Educator Impact helps you boost the quality and effectiveness of ALL staff: teachers, leaders and support.

See your staff reflect on 360 feedback, set evidence-based goals, achieve their goals, and continually improve.

We’re having real impact and driving real improvement.

Educators are using EI to get better at what they do
Students have provided feedback to their teachers
Structured observations

Why is getting feedback fundamental for improvement?

Study after study (e.g. MET, Nuttal, Hattie) show that feedback from stakeholders – whether they be students or observers or peers – is crucial for improving effectiveness of educators.

In fact, systems of feedback like ours can increase educator effectiveness by as much as 30% (Grattan Institute)

If you want to create a culture of continual improvement you need all your staff engaged with feedback.

If you want to create a culture of continual improvement you need to be continuously improving through feedback.


It would be very hard to achieve the whole school continual improvement culture that we have at our school and be better as teachers if we weren’t using EI at the school.”

– Martin Telfer, Deputy Principal St Philip’s Christian College

Why choose educator impact as your expert partner when it comes to school improvement?

Align staff to best-practice

We’ve developed evidenced based frameworks for best-practice in education tailored to suit ALL professions within a school.

Use evidence to drive improvement

We help staff develop skills through 360 degree feedback and goal setting.

Create accountability in the growth cycle

Our platform enables participants to plan and track progress towards their goals creating more accountability.

Always on professional development

We’ve made the process simple enough to use all the time, driving continual improvement.

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