360-degree feedback + goals + plan = success

Educator Impact is an evidence-based professional development program that uses 360-degree feedback and goal setting to help teachers, leaders, and school support staff improve their practice.

360 Feedback

Collect 360 feedback and reflect with easy to read summaries.

Goal Setting

Set, review and share evidence-based development goals.


Create PD plans with our curated library of resources


Measure your progress against your goal, and gain deeper insights

What is Educator Impact?


Learn more about EI

School-wide impact

Educator impact is able to support a school-wide approach.

Open up the classroom | Increase collaboration | Establish a culture of feedback | Increase accountability on PD plans | Identify school-wide trends | Deliver PD that is low effort & high impact

Identify the areas you need to focus your development on | Help establish a culture of continual improvement | Set goals and collaborate with peers | Lead by example

Get feedback and collaborate with peers | Get insights from beautiful reports and graphs | Set evidenced based S.M.A.R.T goals | Plan and track activities towards meeting your goals

Heads of Teaching/Learning

Deliver a school-wide approach to PD | Establish collaboration in PD between staff | Deliver a high impact solution that is time efficient

Support Staff

Improve service in a way that aligns with school values | Get insight how your team can improve | Establish a culture of continual improvement


Make your voice heard |Help your teacher improve their practice | Create a culture of improvement | Learn that feedback is powerful

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