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Student Voice – Making Student Feedback Work

Student feedback is a powerful and effective tool for improving student outcomes.  Building a strong student voice allows students to give their input to what happens in the classroom, empowering [...]

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How long is a subscription?

A subscription with Educator Impact is 12 months. The start date of the subscription is normally the beginning of the term in which you are doing Educator Impact. The end date is 12 months from [...]

Who do participating leaders collect feedback from? 

Leaders participating in the EI program will collect feedback from; Self-Assessment Supervisor – the person or people to whom the participant reports to. Peers – other leaders who have a [...]

Can we get reports segmented by department?

Absolutely. We can aggregate the data in whatever way you wish, by year level, by campus, etc. Our customer success team can help you make the right decisions on the reports you want to receive.