Managing student wellbeing through continuous feedback

Five years ago we started our business by introducing a pioneering method for teachers to obtain 360-degree feedback in their classroom. It worked by enabling teachers to obtain quantitative and [...]

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State of PD for School Support Staff

State of PD for School Support Staff Support staff, like teacher’s assistants, bursars, and maintenance managers are an essential part of a successful education plan. They provide the structure, [...]

The Feedback Waterfall

The feedback waterfall: Start at the top and then cascade to all staff  Feedback is an essential part of effective professional development in education. Without understanding the viewpoints of [...]

EI’s Teacher program now ACT Teacher Quality Institute accredited.

ACT Teacher Quality Institute The ACT Teacher Quality Institute (TQI) is an independent statutory authority established to build the professional standing of ACT teachers and to enhance the [...]

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Thank You – Case Study – Free Chapter

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