Fogarty Foundation and Educator Impact Partner Together

Fogarty Foundation and Educator Impact Partner Together As part of our mission to support educators on their professional development journey, we are pleased to announce our partnership with [...]

2018 NESA/BOSTES Requirements

2018 NESA-BOSTES Requirements The 2018 NESA-BOSTES requirements for accreditation mean all teachers must be accredited to continue, return-to or start teaching in a NSW school. This is a new [...]

The Key to Building Relationships

The Key to Building Relationships Our ability to develop and build relationships with others can determine how successful we will be in our workplaces.  In this article, we look at some key [...]

NEW: EI for Support Staff Framework Now Available

Educator Impact is excited to be launching the new EI for Support Staff Framework.   School support staff play an important role and add great value to the school experience.  Their knowledge and [...]

Positive School Culture – A true game changer

Positive school culture is driven from the top. And while it is not always a conscious nor deliberate plan, for educational institutions culture is a true game changer. When it comes to providing [...]

Ladder of Feedback

Constructive feedback strengthens working relationships because the overall intent is positive.   The Ladder of Feedback is a structure that helps establish a culture of trust and support through [...]

Recognising and Celebrating Staff Achievements

As a leader, how often do you take the time and effort to recognise and celebrate your staff achievements? Tim Hodges (2017) “According to Gallup research, only 29% of teachers strongly agree [...]

Classroom Observation

Peer observations, also known as classroom observation, learning walks, teacher observations or walkthroughs, are common practice for a wide range of schools. They involve teachers observing each [...]

Making change happen through feedback

As founder and Chief Creative Officer of a behaviour change agency, I’m no stranger to the challenges of designing systems, processes and programs that make change happen. Through my experience [...]

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