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Kicking winning goals this school year

We know that selecting and setting professional smart goals can be tricky. The Educator Impact goal-setting platform is built utilising the SMART Goals Scaffold. Research and data show that using this scaffold to structure goals increases the likelihood of achieving them. We have curated over 4,400 goals set by teachers and leaders from the Educator Impact platform and found these interesting statistics:

School Leaders

38% of all SMART goals set within EI for Leaders were around the core competency of “Developing People“and 18% were around“Crafting Vision”. If you are a school leader what area will YOUR goal be in this year?

  • GOAL: Each day I will accept the decisions that are made by those above me.  I will work towards making decisions that reflect a positive result for my students. (school leader, VIC)
  • GOAL: During the course of the year, I will develop my coaching skills and conversations to include more empathetic listening, so that trust is built towards achieving agreed goals. (school leader, NSW)
  • GOAL: To unite all staff under a common goal to collaborate pedagogically on the Google platform, to continue to grow the learning of all students. (school leader, NSW)
  • GOAL: To build relationships and develop strong leaders within my team. I will meet with them individually on a regular basis to discuss their vision and goals which contribute to our strategic leadership plans.  This is also an ideal time to talk about their strengths and what they want from their positions for the future. (school leader, NSW)

Teachers and Educators

37% of all SMART goals set within EI for Teachers were around the core competency of “Driving Surface and Deep Learning“. and 17% were around “Calibrating Difficulty”. If you are a teacher what area will YOU choose to work on this year?

  • GOAL: Increase student self-awareness of their behaviour and its impact on others. (educator, VIC)
  • GOAL: My goal is that by the end of week 3 next term I will be providing more feedback during, and at the end of lessons throughout the day for particular students each day. (educator, TAS)
  • GOAL: Through my development of professional knowledge, classroom resources, a structure of the classroom routine, and lesson planning, I endeavour to embed a deeper level of questioning as an instructional skill to ensure students are engaged at a deeper level of learning. (educator, WA)
  • GOAL: Make more visible – ensuring students summarise what they learn. To plan for 5 minutes ‘what have we learned’ sessions at the end of a lesson. These will be either verbal or written. (educator, VIC)

Want to learn more?

For more information about Educator Impact, or to learn more about how we combine our 360-degree feedback, self-reflection, evidence-based SMART goal setting, and evaluation functions into one streamlined tool, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

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