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Student Feedback is a powerful and effective tool

Understanding the effect teaching staff and facilities have on students has become a vital part of school improvement measures and many schools have implemented student feedback surveys as part of this process. Indeed, schools attempting to improve teacher quality or develop their staff without implementing a system for student feedback are ignoring one of the most powerful and effective tools available.

Although shown to be extremely beneficial, finding an approved, reliable and cost-effective survey system has often been a challenge for decision makers within schools. Thankfully, Educator Impact makes this process easy.


In a previous article, we considered why Student Feedback was so important.  Evidence tells us that soliciting – and acting on – student feedback is one of the most powerful means of improving teacher quality and student outcomes.

The Measures of Effective Teaching (MET) Project found that students ‘know an effective class when they’re in one’, and that student perception surveys are reliable predictors of achievement gains. In fact, the MET Project found that student surveys were better predictors of achievement gains than classroom observations by other teachers.

Grattan Institute research also found that a well-implemented feedback system can improve teacher effectiveness by up to 30%.


At Educator Impact we’ve collected feedback from over 200,000 students giving constructive feedback on over 10,000 teachers. The effect on culture, learning, and development, in our experience, has been profound.

Feedback gives students a voice and makes them feel more engaged with their learning.


Educator Impact provides schools and educational institutions with an integrated platform for student feedback. Our innovative system allows students to provide feedback into specific strengths and areas of improvement regarding their teachers. Student feedback is provided in an anonymous manner and is online. We have age-specific surveys for all students (e.g. primary, secondary, tertiary)


Student feedback is a valuable source of information that provides a wide range of benefits including:

  1. Improving Teacher Effectiveness: Teachers gain comprehensive insight into how their students are learning and responding to teaching practices.
  2. Perception gap: Educator Impact is able to compare teacher self-reflection and student data to highlight blind-spots
  3. Improving Student Outcomes: Increasing teacher effectiveness impacts positively on student outcomes. Increased student voice and engagement are well-known factors in improving student outcomes.
  4. Educational & Institutional Benefits: Overall student experiences and teacher quality can be improved by proactively making changes based on evidence.
  5. Community Benefits: Stakeholders and other decision makers can see evidence of student engagement and a commitment to improving teacher effectiveness.


By integrating Educator Impact into your school, you will not only be promoting a safe, simple and supportive system, but you will also be enhancing the educational experiences of both students and teachers.

EI combines formative elements including student feedback surveys, self-reflection, peer observation, evidence-based goal setting and more into one, all-encompassing platform. For more information about EI, please do not hesitate to contact us today. Alternatively, you can join a wide variety of educational institutions and get started with our system here.


For more information about EI, or to learn more about how we combine our 360-degree teacher feedback, self-reflection, evidence-based goal setting, and evaluation functions into one streamlined tool, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

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