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As an award-winning Innovative School, the leaders at Loreto College in Marryatville, South Australia, have a solid grasp on how to create a positive school culture.

Student wellbeing is led by their in-house wellbeing initiative, the Social Emotional Academic Development (SEAD) program. This program has positioned Loreto as innovative leaders in the education sector nationally. Before ei Pulse, Loreto College conducted an annual survey to collect student wellbeing data. Whilst this survey data provided important feedback on student wellbeing, it didn’t provide the critical, real-time insights Loreto required to transform their wellbeing program from reactive to proactive. Thus, prompting them to seek a data collection solution to enable their vision of “zero invisible students”. Now, the ei Pulse platform empowers Loreto’s SEAD program with real-time data and deeper insights into their students’ daily wellbeing.

“at the centre of all that we do are our students and their learning and wellbeing outcomes.” – Dr. Nicole Archard.

Loreto’s wellbeing program requires real-time data

Information that was previously gathered with the annual survey was not enough to take SEAD from a reactive program to a proactive wellbeing initiative. The SEAD program requires time-relevant data from a reliable, simple platform to continuously improve in the wellbeing space.

“When we started our SEAD Program, we were looking at different ways of gathering data regarding students’ wellbeing. Because all of our programs are very evidence-driven, we needed to capture evidence to see if our programs were working, if our wellbeing strategies were working, and how those insights would inform future (wellbeing) programs”. – Dr. Nicole Archard.

However, after investigating an extensive selection of surveys and platforms on the market, Dr. Archard felt that no single option effectively taps into all areas of wellbeing – until she discovered ei Pulse.

The ei Pulse check-in app presents a pragmatic set of questions developed by the Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth in collaboration with mental health and wellbeing experts. Resulting in a relevant check-in experience that asks the right questions to drive meaningful action for their students and staff. The app looks a lot like student’s favourite applications so students can easily engage with it, making their weekly check-ins simple, logical, and enjoyable.

The result is a high participation and buy-in from both students and staff.

Loreto recognises ei Pulse as a powerful school wellbeing platform. They enrolled all students from Year 4 to Year 12 to begin checking in via the app from day one. SEAD teachers now hold a dedicated 10-minute time slot for students to check in during their wellbeing classes. Students are encouraged to check in via the app every week and are not limited to just one per week.

“I can see where every child is at (with their wellbeing) and that is very powerful”- Dr Nicole Archard.

Immediate results and valuable insights

The Loreto team is already leveraging the data to evaluate and inform the structure of future wellbeing programs on a weekly basis. Teachers are empowered to act quickly if a student reaches out for assistance or flags that they are not having a good day.

The impact so far:

  • Students that feel valued and safe: 80% positive, 13% neutral
  • Emotional engagement with teachers increased to 82%
  • Students are enjoying the check-ins and becoming more comfortable, with 98.1% of students checking in at least once per week

The data has shown that Loreto is experiencing positive increases across all areas of student wellbeing year on year.

To find out how ei can amplify your school’s initiatives, get in touch.

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