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At EI, we’re always buoyed by the stories that our schools tell us. Stories from students who have been given support, and educators who have been given insight. They help us steer the development of Pulse. They help us maintain our vigour each day. So thank you to those who’ve shared – and we’d love to hear more.

These stories also help us appreciate the complexity of the wellbeing ecosystem that surrounds schools. A school has to keep up with wellbeing frameworks like Be You and The Common Approach. A school has to select effective, relevant, and authentic interventions for their students – programs like Raise Foundation and Hands on Learning. There’s a burgeoning industry of commercial programs from companies and child psychologists. And that doesn’t even touch on training that’s available for teachers, referral pathways like headspace, and the ever evolving research into best practice.

Making an impact

We’re always trying to increase our impact, and that means fitting seamlessly into the wellbeing ecosystem that surrounds your school. One of the cornerstones of that fit is our ongoing partnership with ARACY. So we were delighted to announce a new partnership with Raise Foundation last month, and there will be more announcements with other hallmark programs coming soon. 

We’ve also made the commitment to share our wellbeing data (aggregated and anonymised, of course!) with researchers across Australia. We’ve started working with three of Australia’s top universities, as well as researchers within ARACY. EI collects a dataset of genuine national interest – and the outcomes of the research will, we think, be profound.

Supporting student wellbeing

EI Pulse has always made it easier for schools to provide in-house support to their students. These partnerships within the wellbeing ecosystem allows Pulse to go further – by making it easier for schools to select, steer and evaluate the interventions they make for their whole community. 

And the stories we’re starting to hear about this are making us even more excited. 

If you’d like to tell us your student wellbeing story, reach out to us at [email protected]

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