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Educator Impact was founded on a mission to help schools take meaningful next steps towards a healthier and more productive learning environment –impact through insights. 

The changing landscape

Since our journey began, the student wellbeing landscape has changed beyond all recognition. Students are now having to navigate rapidly evolving technologies, a pandemic-induced decline in social connectedness, fears around the environment and mounting academic pressure.

Schools’ response

Schools recognise that sharing wellbeing responsibility across their communities can help address the crisis. Multiple stakeholders looking out and ahead for students can strengthen provision. It can also reduce the stress caused by disproportionate workloads on single individuals, such as pastoral staff.

While schools acknowledge this, without the right solutions and technologies to drive it, many struggle to make it a reality. 

ei Pulse part of Linewize is here to help

By joining forces with Linewize (by Family Zone), we are now part of a larger ecosystem of solutions, working alongside the world’s leading digital wellbeing solutions to provide deeper insights into student wellbeing, and a vehicle for student voice to create a legitimate and powerful culture of wellbeing.

What this means for schools

Linewize now provides the most comprehensive suite of student digital safety and wellbeing solutions in the world. Each of our solutions work independently to address specific needs. Or they harmonise to support a school’s community-wide wellbeing initiative, empowering leaders, teachers, IT, pastoral staff, parents as well as students themselves to each play a part. 

What’s next

The magnitude of the effort required to create happier, safer, and thriving school communities is not lost on us. We have a sense of urgency to do more and help you find and close the gaps in your digital wellbeing cyber safety strategy.  

We’d love to tell you more. Please contact us to learn more about how our solutions can help you directly address student wellbeing in your school. 

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