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Harrow strives to promote a strong sense of wellbeing in its three pillars of education: academics, co-curriculars, and pastoral care. They previously relied on an annual, long form survey to inform their approach to wellbeing, as well as a shorter termly survey; however ‘the school felt this data had limitations in terms of how far it allowed them to support students‘. A snapshot of one day in the year or term left the picture of student wellbeing incomplete, and pastoral intervention was less dynamic than with a more regular check-in.

Challenges in Supporting Student Wellbeing

Harrow’s existing wellbeing infrastructure is very effective at identifying students who are in crisis and providing ongoing support, but a mechanism for early intervention was missing. Kim Gration, Associate Assistant Head (Pastoral and Wellbeing) and Senior School Day House Mistress, explained that it was important to find a tool that made pastoral care more proactive. There were two particular challenges with the annual survey approach that prevented this shift from happening: the data was so specific to the day it was collected that it was difficult to determine the significance of issues, and students could feel that their voices were being ignored when issues weren’t acted on.

That’s been the beauty of [ei Pulse]- We’ve had fewer reactive cases, and we’ve been able to do a lot more proactive pastoral care”

Kim Gration, Associate Assistant Head (Pastoral and Wellbeing)

For effective, early intervention students need to feel comfortable having wellbeing conversations, and teachers need time to build the trust necessary for that comfort. But traditional time constraints combined with the disruptions of the pandemic meant that teachers were finding it more challenging to build these relationships with students.

Weekly Wellbeing Check-ins

ei Pulse put frequent, real-time data at the centre of Harrow’s approach to wellbeing. Now, Teachers can monitor the wellbeing of  individual students more effectively and regularly, and school leaders are able to make data-informed decisions about wellbeing initiatives.

If you’d like to read the full case study of how Harrow International School are using weekly wellbeing check-ins to support pastoral care initiatives and integrate wellbeing into all pillars of student life, download it here.

To find out how ei can amplify your school’s wellbeing initiatives, get in touch with the team.

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