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Driving teacher effectiveness with 360-degree feedback

We tracked student feedback of teachers at St Philip’s Christian College, Cessnock (SPCC) and the results were impressive. Our methodology identified an opportunity for growth across the school and guided the majority of teachers to focus their development on Calibrating Difficulty (differentiated learning). After working on their goals and resurveying students, an improvement of 13.6% on student feedback was achieved at St Philip’s Christian College, Cessnock.
Teacher effectiveness
1. Communicating Effectively, 2. Creating Relationships, 3. Building Relevance, 4. Calibrating Difficulty, 5. Driving Deep & Surface Learning, 6. Classroom Management, 7. Setting Objectives, 8. Providing Feedback

How did SPCC achieve this?

Educator Impact helped St Philip’s Christian College, Cessnock identify Calibrating Difficulty as the biggest area for development for their teachers.  The Educator Impact methodology guided teachers at SPCC to dedicate 41% of development on Calibrating Difficulty.
Over four cycles of Educator Impact’s process, student feedback for this competency improved more than any other. The Educator Impact program gave SPCC the ability to see an opportunity to improve a core teaching practice. SPCC then focused on this competency with staff through professional learning sessions and coaching conversations. This allowed SPCC to improve this competency by 13.6%.

The impact at SPCC was clear

For the last 18 months, we’ve really gone on a journey to focus heavily on how do we calibrate the difficulty of each lesson to cater for students at both ends of the scale of learning. What has been very, very pleasing from a school perspective is knowing that that has been a focus for us as a school. The results are there to show that there has been a significant improvement.  How they are finding the calibrating difficulty, and the differentiated approach to learning is occurring in classes all across the school, primary, secondary, and across faculties.

Darren Cox, Principal

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Research tells us that outside natural ability, there is no greater driver of student achievement than teacher quality. With feedback being the most powerful tool for improving performance (Grattan Institute).

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