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Increasingly, educators across the globe acknowledge the importance of a more holistic approach to education; one in which students’ academic, social and emotional development are understood as equally important.

This eBook will show why using Pulse check-ins is revolutionising how schools monitor and respond to the wellbeing of individual students, while at the same time providing real-time data to improve the overall engagement of students.

If you’re a Wellbeing Coordinator, Counsellor, Psychologist, Social Worker, or a School or System leader, you can use this eBook as a starting point to refreshing the way you measure and improve wellbeing at your institution.

How are you measuring student wellbeing right now?

Most schools collect wellbeing through large-scale, anonymous, annual surveys. The responses are aggregated and anonymised and the data gives researchers some valuable insights.

However, there are drawbacks with surveys:

• They reflect a single point in time and fail to capture wellbeing trends within an academic year.

• They are long and resource intensive. Survey fatigue anyone?

• They provide no capability for early intervention, especially at the individual student level.

So how can schools modernise monitoring and intervention models to improve student wellbeing and the academic, social, and emotional rewards?

Download the full ebook Using Real-Time Check-ins for Student Wellbeing.

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