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A recent investigation into the education technology (EdTech) endorsed by 49 governments for children’s education during the pandemic, highlighted that of 164 EdTech products, the majority (89%) of these online learning platforms put at risk or directly violated children’s privacy and other children’s rights, for purposes unrelated to their education.

As a result of the pandemic, schools rapidly adopted online technologies, like ei Pulse, to continue learning and to stay connected with their students . The report states however, that few Governments actually checked whether the EdTech they were using was safe for children.

ei Pulse was built with privacy in mind from the outset. There are regulatory frameworks that we comply with in processing all data, and student data in particular. Our privacy policy ( is written to be both comprehensive and very clear about 

  • what data we collect, 
  • when we collect it, 
  • where we store it, and 
  • what we do with it. 


Under Australian privacy laws, we cannot do anything else with the data other than what is outlined in the policy.

In Australia, we are assessed under the Safe Technology for Schools program, which was designed by the Australian Education Departments across states and territories. The report of this assessment is available to schools from the ST4S program directly. 

We also operate in the USA which has even more rigorous assessments, and we have been externally certified for both federal and Californian privacy regulations. Part of the reason we’ve been so proactive about seeking external certification is because privacy is so important to us.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us at [email protected].

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