Your all-in-one feedback and development platform

Get ALL your staff aligned with best practice and working on improving the things that matter most.

Our methodology and system takes your staff through these steps  

1. Align

Ensure all your staff  are aligned with what matters most. Our frameworks of best-practice are evidenced-based and were built by education experts. All frameworks are aligned\mapped to local standards. 


2. Get 360 Feedback

  • Online surveys
  • Mapped to professional standards
  • Insightful metrics
  • Perception gap analysis

360 feedback that is online, rigorous, tested and easy to use.. This becomes a starting point for participants to gain an understanding of perceived strengths and development opportunities. Includes:

3. Set evidenced-based goals

Set S.M.A.R.T. development goals. After reflecting on feedback teachers, leaders and support/admin staff come together to set development goals.


4. Plan and track activities

In the EI portal users record reflections, activities they have tried, learnings gained from peers, and insights from coaching/mentoring conversations. All this is recorded as an achievement diary.

5. Measure progress

Get access to progress feedback on the area users have been working on. A smaller set of surveys is used to enable users to get progress feedback and assess how they have progressed so far.


6. Always on

We’ve made the process of getting and using feedback simple enough to use annually. Allowing your school to continually drive improvement.

Getting started is simple

Our Customer Team will take you through how it works.  They will share some success stories, discuss best options for your needs and confirm details to get you started.
Our Success Team will establish your longer term goals and create a timeline that suits you and your staff.
We will provide you with resources and support to launch Educator Impact and keep you on track in each phase of the program.
Here There!

If you have any question, send us an email and we'll get back to you, soon.

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