Our 360 reflect tool takes you through these phases

360 Feedback

Collect 360-degree feedback and reflect with easy to read summaries.


Set, review and share evidence-based development goals.

PD tracking

Create PD plans with our curated library of resources.

Focus and reflect

Set, review and share evidence-based development goals.

What is Educator Impact?

Watch the video below to see how it works.

360 Reflect

Participants collect 360-degree feedback about the most important aspects of their practice, from a variety of perspectives. This becomes a starting point for participants to gain an understanding of perceived strengths and development opportunities.


  • Online surveys
  • Mapped to professional standards
  • Insightful metrics
  • Perception gap analysis


Participants get together to discuss insights and set evidence-based goals in the context of their environment. The path for growth begins when SMART goals are submitted to Educator Impact.


  • SMART goal framework
  • Structured templates and guides
  • Engaging format – inviting collaboration
  • Recommendations for growth
Participants record and are encouraged to share progress on their goal. Participants are also encouraged to contribute resources to the community to further support a culture of collaboration and continual learning.


  • Curated library of resources
  • Track progress visually
  • Record activities and outcomes
Participants measure progress against their goals through a second targeted round of 360-degree feedback on the competency they have been working on. It is here where participants reflect on their progress and recognise their growth and development.


  • Online Surveys
  • Goal reflection 
  • Insightful metrics highlighting growth
  • Perception gap analysis

Getting started is simple

1) Our Sales Team will take you through how it works.  They will share some success stories, discuss best options for your needs and confirm details to get you started.
2) Our Customer Success Team will establish your longer term goals and create a timeline that suits you and your staff.
3) Our Customer Success Team will provide you with resources and support to launch Educator Impact and keep you on track in each phase of the program.
Here There!

If you have any question, send us an email and we'll get back to you, soon.

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