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Educator Impact supports educators in their professional development by connecting feedback, resources, people and professional development in one place. Read on below to see the impact being made through media and news.

Aug 2020

Educator Impact launches Staff Pulse to support schools with educator wellbeing in this article from EducationHQ.

May 2020

Educator Impact’s press release about managing student wellbeing while distance learning continues, in Education Today.

May 2020

Educator Impact is grateful for the support of Amazon Web Services as we roll out our new Pulse for Student Wellbeing.

April 2020

Educator Impact partners with ARACY (Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth) to support student wellbeing.

April 2020

Education Review spoke with Educator Impact CEO, Nabil Shaheen about how student wellbeing has been a key concern for schools during the COVID-19 pandemic

April 2020

Educator Impact’s Press Release on managing student wellbeing during COVID-19 published in EducationHQ. 

April 2020

The Educator spoke with Educator Impact’s CEO Nabil Shaheen, about how educators are navigating the massive challenge that COVID-19 is posing to teachers, leaders, and students as well as how the new EI Pulse resource is helping to resolve those challenges.

April 2020

Educator Impact supporting all AGSA (Alliance of Girls Schools Australasia) schools to monitor student wellbeing.

February 2020

Educator Impact’s CTO Dr Joe Thurbon spoke with Education Today, about measuring student wellbeing and school health.

February 2019

The Sydney Morning Herald spoke with education industry experts, including Educator Impact’s CEO Ken Wallace, on what education in Australia will look like in 2019 

November 2018

Vince Massara invited our CEO Ken Wallace to his Smart Eduprenuer Podcast. They discussed being a better teacher and all about best-practice.

November 2018

Darren Cox, Principal at St. Philip’s Christian College Cessnock, spoke with The Educator on the positive impact and teacher improvement his school has experienced with Educator Impact.

October 2018

Educator Impact CEO Ken Wallace sat down with Phil Hayes-StClair on the Founder to Founder podcast this week to talk education technology, leveraging seasonality and building great cultures.

October 2018

Education Today spoke with Educator Impact discussing the important of creating cultures of continual improvement and the impact it has had on one schools professional development journey.

October 2018

CEO Ken Wallace sat down with The Educator to discuss how Educator Impact’s platform is positively impacting students, teachers and school leaders alike.

May 2018

After working with hundreds of schools and thousands of educators, Educator Impact has identified the key skills, behaviours and attitudes that define great support staff in schools. The Educator looks at at those attitudes and behaviours and why they’re crucial to every K-12 teacher, leader and support staff member.

May 2018

Dom Thurbon, co-founder of Educator Impact, is an international behavioural change expert who is facilitating workshops in partnership with Principals Australia Institute. The Educator has reported on what attendees can expect from these workshops.

April 2018

Independent Schools Queensland (ISQ) and Educator Impact have joined forces to enable 150 school leaders from Queensland independent schools to build their leadership capabilities.

January 2018

Educator Impact has partnered with the Fogarty Foundation, an organisation working to improve educational opportunities for students. Find out more about this exciting new venture below

December 2017

Principals Australia Institute has partnered with Educator Impact to continue to provide principals and school leaders with quality professional leadership development. Find out how below.

November 2017

A report from the Grattan Institute identified that schools need to address challenges they face through schools having a better way to track the progress of their students that directly inform teaching. Read how Educator Impact is creating a community of professional learning to address this issue.

November 2017

Ken Wallace, CEO of Educator Impact, speaks to The Educator about EI for support staff and how to build a whole-school approach to professional development.

October 2017

Feedback is the driving force behind growth and development but when it doesn’t come naturally what do we need to know to utilise feedback effectively?

August 2017

Ken Wallace, CEO of Educator Impact, tells The Educator about some of the hurdles schools experience when trying to establish a culture of feedback, and how to overcome them.

May 2017

With Educator Impact’s sponsorship, The Educator has revealed the top 30 up-and-coming leaders in the education sector. Find out who they are below.

March 2017

The Rising Stars report shines a light on the top up-and-coming leaders in K-12 education sector. Ken Wallace, CEO of Educator Impact, discusses why Educator Impact is sponsoring the report

December 2016

Beth Gilligan, Principal of Dominic College, discusses quality teaching development and their pilot with Educator Impact.

November 2016

Dr. Joe Thurbon, Educator Impact CTO was interviewed by The Educator to discuss why feedback is a critical component to professional development for schools.

October 2016

Educator Impact met with The Educator on how to simplify professional development. Read the full interview with Dr. Joe Thurbon at the link below

August 2016

Ken Wallace, Educator Impact CEO, sits down with The Educator to discuss how a culture of continual feedback can improve and drive learning outcomes.

June 2016

Dom Thurbon, co-founder of Educator Impact, discusses how to to create a culture of feedback and continuous improvement in your school in three steps.

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