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Educator Impact supports educators in their professional development by connecting feedback, resources, people and PD in one place. Here are some of our most recent stories and articles.
November 2017

Ken Wallace, CEO of Educator Impact, speaks to The Educator about EI for support staff and how to build a whole-school approach to professional development.

August 2017

Ken Wallace, CEO of Educator Impact, tells The Educator about some of the hurdles schools experience when trying to establish a culture of feedback, and how to overcome them.

December 2016

Beth Gilligan, Principal of Dominic College discusses quality teaching development and their pilot with Educator Impact.

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November 2016

Dr. Joe Thurbon, Educator Impact CTO was interviewed by The Educator to discuss why feedback is a critical component to professional development for schools.

August 2016

Ken Wallace, Educator Impact CEO sits down with The Educator to discuss how a culture of continual feedback can improve and drive learning outcomes.

August 2015

Ken Wallace, CEO of Educator Impact sits down with Education Technology Solutions to discuss the impact of feedback on improving teaching practice and student outcomes.


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Educator Impact is an evidence-based professional development platform that uses feedback and goal setting to help teachers, leaders, and school support staff improve.

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