Information for Coordinators

Grow is a new phase of EI and is designed to be simple but flexible to roll out. This page provides answers to some questions which will help you, as a coordinator, understand what Grow can look like at your school.

What are the main steps in the the Grow phase?

Grow is a more participant led phase of EI. Each participant schedules activities on a plan, and executes those activities over time. The structure within Grow is:

Registration: The existing group of teachers or leaders are registered by us in the Grow portal. Their existing feedback and goal setting activities are automatically enabled.

Welcome: After a welcome email participants  are taken through the first steps of setting up a plan, so that they get active immediately.

Working on the plan: Participants make regular, incremental progress on their plan. We provide coordinators with regular activity updates so that there is visibility of progress. (Logins for coordinators will be available in 2018.)

We assist participants by making it really easy to find, share and evaluate resources – this is the real value add for participants. Making sure the best resources are easy to find and use.

That’s it? Really?

Yes – it’s that simple.

How do we use Grow effectively?

A good plan, well executed, has a healthy mix of things to read, things to do, learnings from peers, and coaching/mentoring discussions. We have provided a set of guidelines to get the most out of Grow.

What steps do I have to take next?

  1. Tell your teachers that the school is trying out Grow. It’s designed to make it easier for them to make progress on their goals. 
  2. Decide what you think good progress looks like – this can be different at every school – but we’re confident the above guide is a great starting point.
  3. Circulate the Participant FAQ to them, so that they can understand what’s expected of them, and make sure they know what good progress looks like
  4. Tell us the dates to start
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