Information for Participants

Grow is a new phase of EI and is designed to be simple to use. This page provides answers to some questions which will help you, as a participant, understand how to get the most out of Grow.

What is Grow for?

Grow is a phase of the EI program that helps teachers and leaders plan and do activities that will help them reach their development goals. It provides a very simple structure to encourage regular, incremental progress on goals – the best way to reach them. Its emphasis is on making that as easy as possible. We

  • make it easy to build on the effort of others. You can find, share and rate PD resources that other members of the EI community have found.
  • make it easy to keep track of your planned activities, by presenting a simple visual representation of your plan
  • make it easy to get the most out of your effort by encouraging critical reflection on the quality of the resources you read and analysis of the effectiveness of the things you try out in your practice.

How have educators responded to Grow?

Grow has been in pilot for two months. We’re now confident that it is rock solid for limited release. Initial uptake has been strong, and the vital statistics are available here.

What’s expected of me?

Grow is not an additional thing for you to do. It is intended as a way to make your existing work towards achieving your EI development goal as simple and fruitful as possible – it can replace a lot of administrative effort in finding and recording activities.

The main additional output that comes from Grow is an accurate representation of your planned and completed work towards your goal. Fundamental to successful use of Grow is that you plan your activity in regular, incremental steps.

What will happen during grow?

  1. Your school will tell EI to activate your feedback and goal setting into our portal – there’s no additional setup for you to do.
  2. In the portal, you will be able to see your EI Goal, and the system will assist you to populate a plan to reach that goal.
  3. Then it’s over to you. Start reading and critically reflecting on resources, or even add one’s that you’ve already read. There’s a section below on our thoughts about how to get the most out of Grow..
  4. Keep coming back – they key to success with any goal is regular, incremental progress. We’ll send you reminders, but you’ve got ownership of your progress

What does success look like in Grow?

A good plan, well executed, has a healthy mix of things to read, things to do, learnings from peers, and coaching/mentoring discussions. We have provided a set of guidelines to get the most out of Grow.

What is Grow, in a bit more detail?

Our Grow Overview provides a high-level overview of how Grow works.

You can find out more details by reading the user manual.

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