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Grow is a phase of EI that happens after Goal Setting, and before Focus (though you don’t have to do Focus to get value out of Grow). It is based on the principle that once you set a goal, the best way to reach it is by planning small, regular steps to success. Grow encourages planning by making it as simple as possible by adding minutes per week to people’s workload.


If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Participants are invited to the portal, where their EI Goal is already registered.

From there, they build a plan based on four simple activities:

Resources & Events
Resources & Events

Participants find resources to help them understand the fundamentals of their goal. Resources come from EI, and more importantly from other teachers. Resources are rated and curated by users, to make finding the best ones easy.


Change comes through trying new things. Participants design and record new ways to carry out their practice. By sharing their tips and techniques, the whole EI community gains from the insights of others.

Peer Learning
Peer Learning

Learning from peers is a cornerstone of a positive professional culture. Grow provides a template to plan observations, or just to record the things we learn from each other. Of course, these learnings are entirely confidential.


When based on evidence rather than instinct, coaching provides an effective tool in the professional development toolbox. Grow supports coaching by providing templates that cut to the heart of great coaching conversations. Or you can use your own.

Using these building blocks, participants schedule activities (reading, doing, learning, coaching) on their plan.

Make regular progress

As time passes, participants mark tasks as complete by evaluating them. By tying progression to evaluation, participants are engaged as active learners in pursuing their goal.



Those evaluations of resources and actions are used to improve the system for other users, and evaluations of peer learning and coaching conversations can be used to drive improvement within the school’s professional learning framework.


How have educators responded to Grow?

Grow has been in pilot for two months. We’re now confident that it is rock solid for limited release.

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