How have educators responded to Grow?

Grow went into pilot at the end of Term 2, 2017. The purpose of the pilot was to ensure that the system was easy to use, that participants would use it in practice, and that the system was solid enough for a wider release. Since then about 130 teachers have used Grow. The response has been very positive.

Vital statistics from the first month

Tasks scheduled for term three completion, almost 200 already completed
PD resources evaluated and annotated to make it easy to find the best ones
Learnings taken from colleagues practice
Great uptime and usability: 0 bugs found, 0 down-time, and only 3 requests for assistance

Feedback from users

The initial feedback from our pilot of Grow is strongly positive, so we don’t want to wait to get it into your hands. Imagine what you can do with visibility of statistics like these at your school?


Just a short note to thank you for making the portal so easy to use. In our busy music department, we need a program that is straightforward, quick to use and intuitive and yours is just that.

Dr. Anthony Young, Head of Classroom – Music, St Lawrence College, QLD

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