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Effective starting: Aug 01, 2020

Educator Impact (EI Pty. Ltd.), collects some information about teachers\educators which falls under the definition of “personal information” under the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act, 2000. We hold the privacy and security of this information with the utmost importance. This policy outlines how we keep this information secure, and how we use it, conforming with the Australian Privacy Principles, under the Privacy Act, 1988. For details regarding the Australian Privacy Principles, please consult

Our approach to the privacy of your personal information is very simple – we only use a system to process your personal information if we would also use that system to process Educator Impact’s company-confidential information.

The personal information that Educator Impact holds

  • For educators who participate in the Educator Impact 360-degree Feedback Process (participants), we obtain personal and demographic information (e.g. first name, last name, email address and the year-groups taught) from those participants’ schools. This data is used for the purpose of providing personalised 360-degree feedback, professional development resources, and professional development plans.
  • For users of our Pulse products, we collect your name, email and class from your institution. We use that data to make Pulse easier to use, for example by sending you reminders and allowing you to reach out when you need help.
  • We also collect and store students’ and other teachers’ observations about participants’ teaching practice, and calculate aggregate statistics to ensure that the feedback we provide to participants is based on sound data.
  • We ask educators who provide observations about participants’ practice (observers) for their name, which is used to identify their observations.
  • For students who provide feedback on participants’ teaching practice, we do not require or collect any identifying or other personal information.
  • During the roll-out of an EI delivery at a school, we will often be in email or phone contact with participants, observers, and school staff whom we assist in that roll-out. During the course of that contact, we may receive names and contact details of those people.

What does Educator Impact do with personal information

  • Educator Impact may use personal information for the following purposes:
    • to maintain a record of your wellbeing check-ins,
    • to provide your institution (e.g. your classroom teacher, your line manager) with your answers to ‘How are you feeling today?’
    • to provide your institution with the other answers you provide during your check-in, after those answers have been de-identified,
    • to allow you to reach out for help in the event that you need it,
    • to send emails to participants or observers, where these emails contain administrative details about the EI process (e.g. links to surveys, reminders of upcoming milestones)
    • to provide a school with summary information about the progress of teachers through the EI process (e.g. a list of which observers have made observations about which participants).
    • to provide technical or other logistical support to participants, teachers, or school coordinators (e.g. to re-send survey links, or to organise an extension to a milestone).
    • to send emails and reports to participants and schools, where those documents might contain: quantitative and qualitative feedback based on surveys and observations by students and observers; professional development goals selected by participants; professional development resources related to those goals; and certificates of completion/participation.
    • to send schools reports that contain aggregated quantitative and qualitative feedback
    • to perform quality assurance on the system (for example to ensure participant data is migrated correctly during major system upgrades)
  • Educator Impact may also use de-identified information to conduct and publish research related to Education and wellbeing. Such research may be conducted in collaboration with research partners, (e.g. universities or state governments). Educator Impact may use survey data to investigate factors influencing excellence in teaching and wellbeing. Where a teacher is identified as a potential candidate for such research, the school and teacher are contacted to seek permission to include them in any research undertaken.

Where does Educator Impact hold personal information?

  • Educator Impact treats the confidentiality of data extremely seriously – the technical architecture of the system is designed with the anonymity of participants and students in mind. All data is protected with security safeguards that are commensurate with the sensitivity of the data. All data is password protected, redundantly stored, and encrypted where appropriate.
  • All personal information is archived on regularly backed-up, secure data centres located in Australia. This is the final destination of all personal data collected by Educator Impact.
  • EI makes use of Google’s cloud services to execute the delivery of the EI process to schools (e.g. to send emails and reports to participants, to manage the execution of a delivery internally). Some of these services may operate out of multiple jurisdictions, including the USA. Personal information of participants may be stored on these services during the execution of a delivery and pending long-term archive. All such data is housed on the same services to which EI trusts its own company-confidential information.
  • For all other services (e.g. provision of surveys, website hosting, operational management), EI uses cloud- based service providers that may operate out of multiple jurisdictions, including the U.S.A. The personal information of participants is not stored on those services – those services store only cryptographically generated keys which are later used to associate survey responses with participants. Where observers choose to identify themselves by name within their responses to surveys, those names will be stored on those services. We do not provide students with the opportunity to identify themselves – they are asked only multiple-choice questions.

Divulging personal information

  • Except where stated above, or as required by legislation, court order or subpoena, Educator Impact does not share personal information with third parties. Educator Impact can share anonymised survey responses or aggregated statistics for the purposes of research or improvement of the EI process. Except where stated above it is very unlikely that EI would disclose any personal information with overseas entities. All systems which hold personal information are operated in Australia.

Seeking access

  • Any party wishing to seek access to their personal information stored by Educator Impact can make a request to [email protected] and we will provide or correct the information as instructed.

Complaints about a breach

  • Educator Impact makes its best efforts to satisfy and exceed our obligations under the Privacy Act. Complaints about a breach can be raised via email to [email protected], and we will work with affected parties to reach a satisfactory outcome.


  • The EI system is under continual improvement. In some circumstances, EI may need to change or revise this policy. Participants, observers and school coordinators are required to check this policy to read about any changes that have been required.
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