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Educator Impact is excited to be launching the new EI for Support Staff Framework.  

School support staff play an important role and add great value to the school experience.  Their knowledge and expertise can greatly benefit the school and so it’s imperative they have the same level of professional development opportunities as the school’s teachers and leaders.  

We have had many schools ask us how to bring their support staff into the professional development culture of their school.  And so, we wanted to design a framework for school support and administrative staff that would encourage ongoing development for the whole school, create and enhance a culture of collaboration while further improving student outcomes.


  1.     What Matters?
  2.     What will it take?
  3.     What am I great at?

The EI Support Staff Framework follows on from the EI for Teachers and EI for Leaders frameworks.  It provides a mechanism that enables school support and administrative staff to get actionable formative feedback, and clear suggestions for continual improvement in their performance and effectiveness, all in a safe, simple and supportive process.

Educator Impact CEO Ken Wallace Says:

“Leveraging our platform for developing teaching and leadership effectiveness we are very excited to launch today EI for Support Staff.

EI for Support Staff is a best-practice framework for school support staff. The framework enables staff to receive feedback on service delivery, communication, teamwork, flexibility, and other core competencies. Feedback is then used to set development goals and staff can plan and track activities towards meeting their goals in the EI portal.

School leaders can now enable a school-wide approach to professional development.  Therefore creating a culture of continual improvement by utilising EI’s best-practice frameworks for teachers, leaders, and support-staff.

EI’s mission is to empower educators in their professional development, and EI for Support Staff is the next step in supporting schools develop and grow.”

In developing the School Support Staff Framework, we worked with schools directly through pilot programs, focus groups, and research.  The same themes were recognised every time.  The most important driver for success is about bringing staff together and developing a whole school approach to development.  Underpinning all of this is our guiding principles for enabling support staff to strengthen their practice.  This, in turn, helps improve overall engagement.

We know that School Support Staff are the vital cog in the engine that makes schools great.  And with our new framework we can give you the “whole School” approach you need for your staff’s professional development.


For more information about EI, or to learn more about our new School Support Staff Framework and how we combine our 360-degree feedback, self-reflection, evidence-based goal setting and evaluation functions into one streamlined tool, please do not hesitate to contact us today.


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