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Since the launch of Pulse we’ve worked very closely with Principals and Teachers to continue to improve a school’s experience when using the app. From a new bigger and better dashboard, to more robust benchmarking, these pulse updates will help your school better manage your student’s wellbeing.  

If you’re an EI customer, make sure to reach out to your Customer Success Manager to learn exactly how to get started with the product!

Let’s review some of the new features and functionality we’ve released in the past weeks: 

A New Bigger & Better Dashboard

Pulse has a new dashboard. It’s beautiful, simple and elegant. The new spacious layout of the desktop dashboard makes it easier to find the information you need to take action, whether that is taking a small step to help one student or discovering ongoing wellbeing trends in your school. 

  • Focus on the things that matter the most
  • Uncover insights and help you take action quicker
  • An easier way to navigate your school sentiment data

Engagement through Gratitude

Based on the success of the gratitude feature, we have placed the stats front and center in the new Dashboard. Our research shows that a culture that shows gratitude is a leading indicator for a positive culture.

Robust Benchmarking

Pulse helps you understand what drivers correlate with high, and low, wellbeing of your students and staff. School is a dynamic environment and it’s often useful to know what’s happening outside of it. With the new benchmarking capability you can now see how your school or class is feeling relative to other similar schools.

Self Service User Management for Coordinators

The option to manage your own participants will be progressively rolled out within the next couple of weeks to coordinators. With a few clicks, it will be easier for you to enrol, unenroll and edit participant preferences directly from the settings function in the Dashboard. 

  • Find all your participants in one easy-to-scan list
  • See participants information and update when needed
  • Update undelivered emails within a few seconds

Note this feature is OFF by default. 

We will continue to develop Pulse with the purpose of helping schools better support their student’s wellbeing. As always, we welcome all feedback, so if you have suggestions for what features you would like to see, reach out to [email protected].

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