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We’re constantly upgrading the Pulse platform to give you a more dynamic picture of wellbeing in your school.

Since our last update, we’ve introduced exciting new Pulse features covering Trends across, Wellbeing, Experience and Gratitude. The first thing you’ll notice is new tiles on each page of the Pulse dashboard. These tiles will highlight trends and insights worth paying attention to.

These new insights will 

  • Help you identify students who are checking in more positively over time, 
  • Highlight areas for improvement, and 
  • Show what type of gratitude is flowing where.

Let’s dive into the new features and functionality: 


See who’s trending up and down



We’ve made sure no one falls through the cracks by adding the new Help Inbox tile on this page. Now you can immediately see the 10 most recent help requests, along with the total number of unresolved requests that need action. 

In addition, you can now see the biggest movers at a glance in the new Trending Up and Trending Down tiles. This is really handy if you want to celebrate success with particular groups or students or intervene early with others.



Celebrate success with highlights!


The new tiles in the Experience dashboard show highlights, challenges and key questions.

Based on experience data over a set period of time, you’ll be able to see your most positive and most improved groups, your most negative groups, and those that had the biggest decline. This data can be viewed across All Domains or drilled down by sub-domain. 

The Key Question tile shows which sub-domains had the most positive or negative impact.

The Most Polarised section enables you to see the sub-domain with the highest variance in responses, indicating the sub-domain having the least agreement among respondents. 



Insights into the gratitude sent by your students. 



Discover the most popular kind of gratitude being shared amongst your students, and what proportion of your students are giving gratitude in the new highlights tile. You’ll also find insights into which groups have given the most gratitude over a set period of time.


As always, we will continue to update Pulse to help schools better support their student’s wellbeing. We welcome all feedback, so if you have suggestions for what features you would like to see, reach out to [email protected].

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