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Foster staff well-being and a thriving school culture with a well-being & engagement platform that encourages frequent, incremental improvements.


School Staff Well-being Today

Staff mental health is one of the fastest-growing challenges in schools.


In top 10 sources of stress for school leaders


of education professionals describe themselves as stressed

1 in 10

School staff will not approach anyone if they feel stressed or worried at work


k-12 Teachers reported the highest levels of occupational stress in Australia, the UK, & USA


of teachers have considered leaving the profession due to stress

Sinéad Mc Brearty, 2019, Education Support UK, Teacher Wellbeing Index

Philip Riley & Sioau-Mai See, 2019, The Australian Principal Occupational Health, Safety, and Wellbeing Survey, Australian Principals Report

Staff Well-being 

Investing in staff well-being is an important first step to improving happiness and job satisfaction.

Frequent pulse checks make reflection part of the regular cadence of school life and normalize a ‘check-in’ culture. Along the way you get deeper, truthful insights into what it’s like to actually work at your school.

Explore New Insights into Staff Well-being

With a Pulse style check-in, allow your staff to reflect on their mental health and provide feedback in an anonymous open way by answering science-backed engagement and well-being questions at a time that meets their schedule. Employees who are feeling stressed have the ability to ask for help safely.


Build Trust with Frequent Improvements

With short pulse surveys, you can use data to address long-term engagement issues. Focus your attention on the areas that actually matter and create a thriving workplace where staff well-being and work-place culture is valued and prized.

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