Support Student Well-being in and out of the classroom

Engage students with a Pulse check-in, provide timely support for those struggling, and strengthen relationships with every student.


The Well-being & SEL Measurement Platform

In the last year, schools using ei Pulse have seen:


students supported through the ‘I Need Help’ feature


students stay connected whether remote or on campus


student engagement with ei Pulse weekly

1 Million

weekly check-ins that put students on the ‘wellbeing radar’

Connect students with help

We know that students will reach out when they feel sad enough and safe enough at the same time – and that time can be fleeting. ei Pulse lets the most vulnerable students reach out for help to a specific, trusted teacher, at the time they are ready.

Move beyond measurement

The dashboard immediately surfaces leading indicators into well-being and sentiment, and most importantly – enables schools to take action and intervene early, especially at the individual student level.

Know everyone better

Unlike traditional anonymous, long-form, annual surveys, ei Pulse checks in with every student once a week. Staff who provide front-line care to students get real-time insight into the well-being of individual students and the whole school.

Make sure your initiatives work 

Inform your individual or whole-school SEL strategies and interventions and improve the whole-school experience with real-time insight into well-being.

The Importance of Student Well-Being

There is convincing evidence of a relationship between well-being and academic attainment.”

Dr. Ariel Lindorff, Department of Education, University of Oxford

Research-Based Questions

Immediate Answers

With a weekly Pulse check-in, students reflect on their mental health and then answer a handful of well-being questions drawn from The Nest –an evidence-based well-being framework used globally to guide school cultures to focus on the thriving whole child, measured by student well-being.

research-backed -student-check-in

Support Students in Need

Help students avoid the daunting walk to the counselor’s office. At any time, students who are feeling vulnerable can ask for help in a low-friction, low-risk way.

When a student flags that they need help, ei Pulse will connect them with a trusted teacher, school leader, or administrator of their choosing.

Take Action with Real-Time Data

Dive deeply into a school-wide trend; translate data into immediate action and see how results vary over time for continuous improvement.

Schools can evolve from ‘measuring and fixing’ to proactively acting and responding to evolving well-being needs in a way that is meaningful.


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