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Thousands of schools worldwide are already using our solutions to build a strong school climate. Meet some of the local educators:

Case Study

Creating an Oasis of Student Well-Being in Philadelphia

With the pandemic raging as the 2020-21 school year began, further compounding their student’s day-to-day stress and mental health challenges, the guidance department at Mercy Career & Technical High School was tasked with the challenge of creating a positive school climate and addressing student well-being. 

The school decided to implement ei Pulse’s weekly digital well-being check-ins as a way of better understanding how their students were feeling.

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A Conversation About Well-being at SXSW Edu

Listen to a great conversation with Raul Cardenas (President, Mullen High School, Denver Colorado, USA) and Kylie Power (Deputy Principal, Iona College, Geelong, Victoria. Australia) about the meaning of well-being in the context of “educating the whole child” with real-life examples of how each of these schools is supporting the whole child.

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Four Things We Can Learn from Australia’s Focus on Student Well-being

While the U.S. may face unique circumstances when it comes to the well-being and mental health of their youth, there’s much to learn from our international allies in education as worldwide, educators focus on student social-emotional development. Explore how Australia has been a leader in the field for more than a decade, with the national Australian Student Wellbeing Framework serving as a model for similar policies.

For schools looking to put in place an effective system for student well-being, this article discusses some of the best practices adopted by schools globally to support the ​​wellbeing of the whole student. 

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