It’s amazing what students can tell you in 60 seconds:

  • Share how they’re feeling
  • Give feedback on their school experience
  • Reach out for help

Try a wellbeing check-in

ei Pulse asks students how they are feeling once a week, and collects their responses to 5 sentiment and engagement questions along the way.

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The Wellbeing and Culture Platform for Schools

ei Pulse is a wellbeing platform that amplifies a school’s support for student wellbeing and engagement.


Why schools choose ei Pulse

Connect students with help

We know that students will reach out when they feel sad enough and safe enough at the same time – and that time can be fleeting. ei Pulse lets the most vulnerable students reach out for help to a specific, trusted teacher, at the time they are ready.

Take action and intervene

ei Pulse is designed for action, not research. When schools take regular visible action, students understand that their wellbeing is supported, and become active participants in managing their own wellbeing.

Real-time insight

Unlike traditional anonymous, long-form, annual surveys, ei Pulse checks in with every student once a week. With a weekly check-in, staff who provide front-line care to students get real-time insight into the wellbeing of individual students and the whole school.

Transform your school

Using ei Pulse can transform your school’s wellbeing & engagement initiatives from reactive to proactive. Students will become actively engaged in improving their wellbeing, and staff get leading indicators into wellbeing and sentiment, so they can be ahead of the curve.


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When schools take regular action to understand each student’s wellbeing, it can positively influence their overall health, and learning outcomes.

"ei Pulse actually lessens your workload, because you have real-time data to work off, you're not wondering what's going on. You're not just being reactionary".

Kylie Power, Deputy PrincipalIona College

Trusted by schools globally

Schools and systems trust ei Pulse for real-time insights into student experience

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Keeping your data safe

ei Pulse is certified by iKeepSafe for COPPA Safe Harbor, FERPA, and California Student Data Privacy, and GDPR compliant.


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